Lamb & Rice
Medium breeds Adult
Lamb & Rice
Medium breeds Adult

Complete super premium petfood for adult (>1 year), medium sized dogs (10-25kg). This formula is wheat gluten free. FOS and MOS are added for optimal digestion.

Available in
  • 3kg
  • 12kg


This delicious blend of rice and lamb is bursting with good ingredients.

Easily digestible

Dog food to encourage your four-legged friend's digestion.

Wheat gluten free

Delicious food for dogs intolerant to gluten.


lamb meat meal (rehydrated 32%), rice (rehydrated 27,5%) Kippenvleesmeel, chicken fat, peas, beet pulp, hydrolyzed chicken liver, sodium chloride, calcium carbonate, yeast, potassium chloride, FOS, MOS, lecithin, grape seeds, rosemary

Analytical components

Crude protein: 25% – fat content: 14% – crude fibre: 2,5% – crude ash: 8% – calcium: 1,65% – phosphor: 1%

Animal proteins


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