Lamb & Rice
Medium breeds Puppy
Lamb & Rice
Medium breeds Puppy

Complete super premium petfood for puppies and young dogs (<1 year) of medium breeds (10-25kg adult weight). This formula is wheat gluten free. FOS and MOS are added for optimal digestion.

Available in
  • 3kg
  • 12kg


This delicious blend of rice and lamb is bursting with good ingredients.

Wheat gluten free

Delicious food for dogs intolerant to gluten.


Dog food rich in essential fatty acids for optimum development.


lamb meat meal (rehydrated 35%), rice (35%), chicken fat, peas, kippenvleesmeel, hydrolyzed chicken liver, beet pulp, sodium chloride, refined cellulose, refined fish oil, potassium chloride, F.O.S., M.O.S., lecithin, grape seeds, citrus

Analytical components

Crude protein: 28% – fat content: 16,5% – crude fibre: 2,5% – crude ash: 7% – calcium: 1,4% – phosphor: 0,9%

Animal proteins


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